Commentaries & Analytical Notes

This page gathers links to notes regarding the most important facts, models, coincidences and overlaps identified in the process of compiling this website.


Notes on Politics 


Religious Notes

  • The Logic of Religion: A side-effect of bounded rationality
  • Monotheism: Monopolistic Competition and Patronage – Judaism, Christianity and Islam


Notes on Trading

  • Inequality and its Determinants: The role of property
  • The constrains of barter economies
  • What is money?
  • Commodity Money: The differences and constrains of single (gold) and dual (gold+silver) metal currency systems
  • Imperial fiscal management: Tax Collection Policies & Specialisation


Geographical Notes

  • Thinking about physical barriers: Equilibria, phase transitions and an analogy with technical analysis
  • Rivers, Mountains and Climate: Framing states and their expansion